Chiyopon Drum Mask

How long has she been playing? (ドラム歴)

about 24 years

 Favorite Drummers (好きなドラマー)

Dave Weckl, Omar Hakim, Sheila E, Steve Gadd, Steve Smith Sonny Emory etc...

 Genre (ジャンル)

Jazz/Fusion,Smooth Jazz,  Anime etc...



She entered Berklee College of Music graduated major in performance with grade of Magna Cum Lauge.


She became the masked drummer “Chiyopon” in2020.

Her style is Jazz/Fusion music and Anime songs in basic.

She works online always streaming on Twitch and posts her drum videos on Instagram YouTube to the world.


2021, she joined Turkish Cymbals Family as the first Japanese endorsement artist and Vater Percussion. 
2022, become axesfemme ambasador
2023 joined EVANS DRUM HEADS and PURESOUND endorsement artist.

 Opinion (ドラムスタイル)

She takes care of music where the story or image comes from. She also put some inspirations from her experience, and creating the best groove, sound, patterns to it.