Vater Drum Sticks

My favorite drum stick brand and I've been endorsing since 2021.

 They product fabulous quality, pretty unique and so many kinds of drumsticks. I've been using Vater for 15 years since I was a student. Vater is the No.1 drumstick brand I believe so. 

Chiyopon Favorite models 

Super Jazz Hickory


Length: 16 1/4" | 41.27cm 

Grip: 0.555" | 1.41cm 

  Jazz-style grip with a little extra length. "Quick" feeling stick. 

I can play without stressful, can get powerful and solid sound because reached longer than usual length. Great rebounds.

Monster Brushes


Length: 14" | 35.56cm 

Grip: 0.990" | 2.51cm 


 The Monster Brush is a versatile specialty brush that can be adjusted to provide the subtlety and swish of a brush or a "stick like" feel for a fat backbeat without a ton of volume. Features a large but comfortable grip and wavy polymer strands for a unique sound and feel.

A great brush for drumset, Cajon and other world percussion drums.

Little Monster Brushes


Length: 14" | 35.56cm 

Grip: 0.650" | 1.65cm 



 A smaller diameter version of the original Monster Brush for a lighter feel and weight.
A great brush for drumset, Cajon and other world percussion drums. 
This is also good for the drummers not good at to play with wired brushes or the beginners of brushes.

Splashstick Traditional Jazz


Length: 16" | 40.64cm 

Grip: 0.490" | 1.24cm 

 Smaller than the Splashstick Lite for really low volume applications and light weight. I like to play with this for Bass solo comping, bossa, samba etc... 



Length: 16 1/8" | 40.96cm 

 Grip: 0.595" | 1.51cm 


 Combines 7 high quality wood dowels and 6 strips of impact resistant Polymer.The Polymer acts as a protective "striking layer" to allow the player to "dig in" without the short life span of other multi-dowel sticks. Includes rubber O-Rings for wide range of adjustment for sound and feel. 
The plastic sound is pretty unique on HiHats. I play in lighter situation but also can be used for electric music with drum'n bass groove.