Turkish Cymbals

Introducing Chiyopon's Turkish Cymbals! 
使用しているTurkish Cymbals社のシンバルをご紹介します♬


This series of cymbals have elegant sound. 

I use these for Jazz/Fusion, Funk, R&B, Latin,Pop, Anime etc...all style of music!

Chiyopon's Choice:

Beautiful, musical bell with dark note. Sensitive stick attack. Delicately defined ping. Controlled amount of shimmer. Very versatile. 

Hi Hats14":Great chick performance. Warm, dark, earthy. Round & full sound. These soft and sensible hi-hats have excellent stick definition with a woody feel.

Crash 18": Dark & mellow with fast response. Great amount of power & definition in tone. 

↓↓SOUND Sample HERE↓↓
Coming soon!


Earthy qualities, with medium dry decay and articulate response, are expedient for jazz, funk, and “grungy” rock. 

Brand new series in 2021. Using more for Jazz or Contemporary Jazz.

Chiyopon's Choice:

Ride 22”
Hi Hats 14"
Crash 17"

↓↓SOUND Sample HERE↓↓
Coming soon!


Clatter Crash 16"  : 

With a unique creative lathing process a sound between crash and china. Produced for percussionest to play by hand or stick.

Bee 10":
Trash attack, fast, with a fairly quick decay. A uique and creative lathing process gives the outer edge its warped and malleable quality. Smaller sizez sound like a cross between a splash and a china.

Xanthos Jazz Reverse Splash 9" :
Reversed splash cymbal from the center cup.5 rivets make the sound more attacked and dynamic sustain.

FX China 16":
 Focused and cutting attack multi holey add extra complexity and a quick decay. Bright, papery a tack. Multi holey give it an extra trashy tone and fast decay.

Sirius 18":
 Perforated by 2" holes this polished crash delivers raw & dark sound and dirty bite.